These wall coverings are designed for intensive use in interior decoration. Designing and manufacturing is aligned with all relevant International Standartisation and Qualifications applied for the highest quality wallpapers. Precision and uniqueness in printing is inspired by photography, materials and objects from environment which is influencing and surrounding us not only a daily basis but on special occassions too.

Our Advanced Printing Technologie's reproduces every detail, even the fine lines that are too small for the naked eye. The quality of rich tones and exquisite beauty created are what sets our uniqure design apart from the rest. In order to capture the detail in original drawings and to re-create them as a wallpaper, our designs are printed using the gravure technique, which is a world class printing method for achieving maximum details and tones.

100 % Pure Water Based Inks

Pinpoint Accuracy

High quality, precise printing begins with the finest ingredients. Water based inks from Netherlands and Korea realize superb color reproduction plus enviroment friendly manufacture. What completes 100 % pure water based inks is the GSE color dispenser, which provides optimized dispensing solutions.

Precision printing can only be realized with precisely engraved print cylinders that replicate even the minutest details. Embossing sheets of nonwoven and paper back using a steel emboss roller and paper ball working in conjunction with each other.