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  Complete Load Road Transportation  

 Our wide partner network and robust infrastructure addresses the transportation requirements of various types of products including medicine, textiles, inflammable and toxic chemicals, food and cold chain products, heavy industry products, and high-tech electronics. 

We offer Complete & Partial Road Transportation Services according to the transit time:

Standard, Express and Speedy. 


 One driver per trip.

 Suitable for products which are not time-sensitive.

 This service is cost - effective and delivers products within a   reasonable frame of time. 


 Two drivers per trip.

 Suitable for time - sensitive products. This is a land - only   service offered within the lead time. 



 Two drivers per trip. 

 This service offers transportation via small-volume vehicles   for time-sensitive products for a single customer. 

 To address customer requirements and time expectations, our land transportation solutions offer Complete and Partial service options based on product volume.

 We assess customers’ requirements to develop flexible   solutions and provide loading spaces to ensure   optimal transportation time


 Partial load transportation allows small orders to be aggregated with larger ones. With more frequent departures, this service type lowers cost and offers more flexibility as compared to complete transportation.


 Our extensive service network enables the delivery of products across Europe within set frames of time. 

  Partial Load Road Transportation  

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