New Cooperation! The Pioneer & Leader in the Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete manufacturing!

Buildings rise as a great triumph of civilization… 

Each one has a personality - each one has a different face just like human beings! 

We have set out on our path a quarter of a century ago in 1987 with a great dream! We adopted a mission that would open up brand new horizons for the great profession of architecture! Transforming all the visionary architectural design into reality became our objective. Adding spirit to buildings, underlining their unique faces and distinct images, so that they would be memorable, became a passion. 

When we look back on our great dreams and objectives that reflect our innovative viewpoint, we see that we are present not only in the Turkish building sector but also in the world GRC sector as a leading brand. Our position in the construction world excites us even more about future projects. The elapsed period of time shows that we have been successful in becoming a trademark, where we have been implementing all of the requirements of our business. The successful projects that we have completed shows that we are not solely a materials manufacturer, but we have also contributed a lot to the sector with our imagination and service quality. Our methods and innovative technology led to the birth of our patented products. We have created a trademark that is trusted not only in Turkey but around the world as well. 

This is a success story that began in 1987. It is a story that includes more than 2.500 projects and 3.500 buildings which have been completed successfully at home and abroad. Our young, qualified and excited workforce has been globally acknowledged and rewarded so far. 

Now we are here… Today we are faced with brand new architectural trends and challenges. We are taking firm steps forward and exciting developments are taking place. We are proud to have come so far and the strength that we have gained from our experiences enhances our search for the new. We shall continue to produce permanent solutions for architects, designers and builders, and our creative solutions will definitively contribute to the sector. 

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is a concrete product reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fibre and is produced with a thickness of 10-15 mm in our 300 000 m2/year capacity factory in Istanbul. Due to its easy moulding and easily pourable characteristics, it is an excellent decorative, durable, highly resistant facade cladding material, reinforced with a steel frame. It can be produced in any required shape, texture and colour. GFRC is an integral and inseparable part of architecture and of architectural solutions for Construction sector all around the World.

Fibre Cement offers: ·        Exclusiveness and freedom for architects, ·        Easy and fast mounting for engineers, ·        Economy and easy maintenance for constructors, ·        Aesthetic value and trust for users.

It is the construction material offering the best solution for opening new horizons to design exclusive buildings and to create permanent architectural works. Fibre Cement products manufactured with superior care add actual aesthetics and prestige to buildings.

• Stud-Framed curtain Wall panels • Texture facade cladding panels • Stone and wood textured facade cladding panels

Feel free to request more information about all GFRC products we manufacture. ---

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