About Us

The Enterprise - Turkey is an International Trade Consultancy and Sourcing company which specializes in business transactions between Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers.


We take the work out of Manufacturers, Suppliers finding Buyers for their products and services or vice versa, providing Business Representation Services for Buyers trading in global markets. 


Our established relationships with top suppliers guarantee the best services, which means we can pass along cost savings to you and your customers.

Why choose our services?

  • We are innovative, talented, focused and global thinking company which is ready to conquer all challenges.

  • Due to our International Business Experience we are to provide high quality services for a cost effective prices.

  • We strictly follow our Business Conduct Values, Mission and Vision and only work with long-term and strong market palyers.

  • We are able to react to market changes and to provide the best solutions in a short period of time. 

Our team 

  • cooperative

  • different

  • enthusiastic

  • fair

  • modern

  • powerful

  • precious

  • thoughtful

  • victorious

Our obligation

  • to place your company's interests above our own;

  • to act honestly and in the overall best interests of the clients;

  • to act with exclusive care and attention to detail.



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