About Us

'Enterprise - Turkey' located in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul is an International Trade Consultancy and Sourcing company which specializes in business transactions between Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers.

Sourcing and importing products from Turkey is quite easy nowadays. Nevertheless, small or medium size enterprises always feel stressed and struggles to find the right & reliable supplier with reasonable prices & high quality products/services, especially nowadays when facing thousands of various suppliers all over the Globe and the Internet. 


We like helping small - medium or even 'big' importers to source good price and high quality products from Turkey, helping them avoid all kinds of potential risks. 

Our sourcing service is free, and you don’t need to pay anything until purchasing what you like.


With a service rate between 5% - 15% including services like Consulting, Product - Manufacturer - Service Provider Sourcing, Production Arrangement & Management, Quality Inspection, Shipping Arrangement and Consistent Follow up & Communication on behalf of your Company.

Business Meeting

So what could be better than this while sourcing abroad? 

Unlike the inspection company that can only send you inspection report, we help you negotiate with suppliers and fix quality problems before products leaving Turkey. You will never feel so secure and comfortable when sourcing and importing from Turkey through us.

In the past 5 years, we’ve supported many SME's to build and scale their businesses. We always believe that if we will make you succeed, then we will succeed.


About Founder

Vaidotas Telycenas is the founder of 'Enterprise - Turkey' holding a BA in Law,

Ex - Military personnel, since 2013 living & working from Istanbul, Turkey. 

Originally from Lithuania, being fluent in Turkish and working with local  partners as a local, he knows the Business environment, culture, traditions and how things work in Turkey.

 He is always standing behind Turkish quality and works only with reliable manufacturers and services providers.

Started consulting International Clients since he was actively teaching English in Istanbul since 2013, he built

www.enterprise-turkey.com in 2016, which aims to help SME's or even 'big players' to source the highest quality products and match - make potential Business partners from Turkey.

We are always looking forward to hear your needs and we hope to start another successful journey with you! 

Why choose our services?

  • focused and global thinking company;

  • high quality services for a cost effective prices;

  • working with long - term and strong market players;

  • quick response to conditions & market changes.

Our obligation

  • to place your company's interests above our own;

  • to act honestly and in the overall best interests of the clients;

  • to act with exclusive care and attention to detail.



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