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We help to Optimize Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness
and to Elevate Your Business with Cutting-edge
Outsourcing and Procurement Services

 What we do 

 We help your Businesses to save the most valuable assets
time, money and endless efforts of your staff by providing
Outsourcing and Trade Consultancy Services for International Companies looking for reliable manufacturers, suppliers
and Services providers from Türkiye.

 Why choose us? 

Sourcing & Purchasing materials or goods from Türkiye is not that easy. No matter if your Company is small, medium or big size enterprise finding suitable manufacturers/suppliers in Türkiye requires in-depth knowledge, expertise and strong Business network of trustworthy partners.


We follow everything - everyday.  


Consulting & Project Management

Manufacturers/Services Providers Research & Selection

Factories Visitation & Background-check

Negotiations with Manufacturers & Suppliers

Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding

In the past 9 years, we’ve supported many SME's

to build and scale their businesses.

Unlike the most inspection companies which only sends you inspection reports, we establish & maintain relations with each manufacturer/supplier and help you to reach maximum results and long-lasting Business relations.

We are always looking forward to hear your needs
and we hope to start another successful journey with you! 

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