Areas we work in

  • Marble and natural stones

  • Buildings and ceramics granite

  • Wood flooring

  • Bathroom sets

  • Valves and mixers

  • Materials and tools for interior and exterior cladding of buildings

  • Reinforcement steel

  • Coating products

  • Fire-fighting equipment products

  • Doors and windows accessories

  • Insulating materials

  • Gypsum boards

  • Gardens and swimming pools materials and equipment

  • Women's Apparel - Outdoors ware, Dresses, Sportswear, Bridesmaid attire, Maternity, Uniforms

  • Children's Apparel - Infants, Toddlers, Children, Girls, Boys, Teens

  • Tailored clothing – suits, overcoats, topcoats, sports coats and trousers

  • Furnishing – shirts, neckwear, sweaters, knit tops, underwear, socks, robes and pajamas.

  • Heavy outerwear –  jackets, snowsuits, ski jackets, parkas.

  • Work clothes –  work shirts, work pants, overalls and related items.

  • Active sportswear – running shorts and tops, jogging suits, tennis and athletic footwear.

  • Others – uniforms, hats and miscellaneous items.

  • Footwear - women, men, children, work shoes, sports shoes, slippers, boots, long leg boots, safety shoes.

  • Leather goods - ladies bags, briefcases, belts, purses, wallets, travelling bags.

  • Side materials - shoe care products, shoe polishes, shoe trucks.

  •  Banquet Supplies

  • Beverage Dispensers

  • Buffett Serving Pieces

  • Glassware

  • Tableware

  • Houseware

  • Porcelain

  • Bars Equipment

  • Industrial Kitchen Equipment

  • Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Bar Textiles 

  • Seating - Bar, Counter, Stools

  • Furniture - Sofas, Chairs, Armchairs, Desks, Buffets & Credenzas, Benches, Lounges, Coffee & Cocktail Tables, Dining Tables, 

  • Decor - Knobs, Vases, Bowls, Pillows, Rugs, Trays

Health Tourism in Turkey

  • Reconstructive Surgery - Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate, Ptosis, Hypospadias, Oral Cancer, Skin Cancer, Microtia

  • Aesthetic Surgery - Breast Surgery, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast Asymmetry, Rhinoplasty, Secondary Rhinoplasty, Face Lift, Otoplasty, Vajinoplasty, Labiaplasty, Liposuction, Gynecomastia, Abdominoplasty

  • Hair Transplantation - Hair Transplant, FUE Hair Transplant, DHI Hair Transplant, PRP Treatment, Mesotherapy Treatment

  • Bariatric Surgery - Bariatric Surgery, Metabolic Surgery, Non-Diverted Ileal Interposition

  • Dental Surgery - Periodontology (Gum Disease), Implant, Dental Treatment, Orthodontic Treatment (Dental and Jaw Disorders), Jaw Prosthesis and Face Prosthesis, Lamine Dental (Porcelain Lamine), Tooth Decay and Duct Treatment.

Real Estate in Turkey


VIP Transportation

  • Apartments

  • Villas

  • Seaside houses

  • Bungalows

  • Penthouses

  • Commercial

  • Land

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Advertising at the airports in Turkey.

  • Billboards

  • Digital Screens

  • Ads in Public Transportation 

  • Social Media

  • Press

  • Magazines

  • Exhibitions

  • Aircraft Rent

  • Yacht Rent

  • Vip Car Rent


  • Aircraft Spare Parts and Chemicals

  • In-Flight Products and Galley Equipment

  • Catering

  • Aircraft Maintenance Support

  • Airport Ground Handling Equipments

  • Hotel Accommodation and Transportation

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Consultancy

  • Representation and Agency Services

  • (Go Sleep Sleeping Pods and UVC Airplane Sanitizing Devices)



Apparel, footwear & accessories