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We would love to help your business find the right international partners to grow and expand your business.

The Network has the reach and expertise to find the right partner(s) for you to:

  • manufacture or distribute your products;

  • access new markets;

  • find the technology you need to drive innovation in your business;

  • cooperate in research and development projects.

So just get in touch and one of our experts will:

  • look at your needs and goals;

  • advise you on how to better prepare for Internationalisation;

  • identify the best way for you to find a partner that matches your needs.

'We will search potential partners for you, saving you time and money. 


We will:

  • get in touch with the right people in the industry;

  • in a short period of time will prepare plan of actions to begin partnership;

  • arrange your participation in our B2B matchmaking events.

Follow - up

When we will find a suitable partner, an expert will advise and support you throughout the partnership process. Their job is to make sure that you achieve your goals no matter what.

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