Our Goals

Our goal is to become the leading B2B Sourcing services provider delivering value and instant solutions through leadership and excellence in everything we do. 


In order to accomplish this goal, we collaborate with suppliers that provide a high level of quality, service and innovation to meet our needs.


Our supply base relationships are critical to delivering the highest value to our customers and shareholders.


In order to conduct business with 'ENTERPRISE - TURKEY', potential suppliers of goods and/or services must demonstrate the following where appropriate:


  • Quality processes, products and/or services

  • Competitive pricing

  • Superior service

  • Robust capability and capacity

  • Implementation of supplier and workforce diversity programs

  • Execution of social responsibility principles

  • Focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement

  • Deployment of Lean Manufacturing processes

  • Commitment to health and safety in the workplace

  • Financial viability and sustainability

  • Execution of innovative ideas, processes and products

  • Desire to develop and maintain collaborative relationships.



'ENTERPRISE - TURKEY' will conduct business with integrity and honesty in compliance with all laws and company policy.

Our suppliers/manufacturers maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity in all business practices in full cooperation with 'ENTERPRISE - TURKEY Supplier Code of Conduct' 


'ENTERPRISE - TURKEY Guide to Business Conduct'.




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