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 Earthenware & Porcelain 

Mood collection, generating a colorful and dynamic atmosphere on tables, provides a functional usage thanks to its special form attained with a vertical angle. The special design, which exhibits an innovative approach combined with its modern and aesthetical outlook, redefines what is unmatched and provides a unique experience to its users.

ColorX collection, inspired by the pristine and natural composition of porcelain, is there with you in your most unforgettable moments. With its unique colours, ColorX transmits its energy to every table it joins and presents the most original designs of the modern world. The innovative collection, with its stylish design and rim with a natural outlook, becomes the favourite piece of any reception.

Tuana collection reflects its exquisite design to every inch of the collection’s details and as the collection’s name suggests, its story starts with a raindrop. The collection transmitting the pristine beauty of a raindrop to its form inspires romantic and special table designs. With Tuana every meal turns into a unique experience, the tables attain a privileged outlook and the service meets with perfection.

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