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Express & Ulta Express Transportation

We offer a double-driver service for your time-sensitive loads, and we can be anywhere at anytime thanks to our self-owned and powerful supplier network.

ADR Cargo Services

We provide secure transportation services for dangerous goods with our fully equipped self-owned and secure supplier network.

Partial or Complete Shipment by Road

To any location around the world including Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Belgium, Luxemburg, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and other countries.

Logistics and Warehousing

We always takes your side with bonded or non-bonded warehousing and cold storage bonded warehousing services. We are at your service with different capacities of vehicles for the delivery of cleared goods and shipment from free warehouses to any destination.

Air and Sea Transportation

We enable you to save time with regular cargo services from any Turkish airport to all airports around the world. You will feel the difference offered by the staff of experts in any partial, complete or break-bulk shipment that can be performed between all international ports…


Project Transportation

We are fully aware that any cargo operation requires teamwork and has many important aspects beyond the simple activities of loading, transportation and unloading.

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